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Peter Sloan Teaches How to Draw Cartoons: The F...
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I started out learning artwork all the way back at the Brooklyn Museum Art Classes to prepare for and was accepted to the High School of Art & Design in Manhattan. With below average grades but an extremely good artwork portfolio I was accepted into the Cooper Union Institute for three years Certificate Program. When I was nearing the legal age to drink, I applied and was accepted to the S.U.N.Y. Purchase Conservatory of Visual Art. After graduating with a 2.5 G.P.A. I was hired by the Board of Education to teach Chess and Computer Classes. Around the second year of teaching I was notified that a trustee of our family had enough money set aside to pay out a book contract expense. When I went back to school yet again at New Horizons C.L.C. I certified in Office Programs and for some reason or another was able to solve all of these technical problems with finishing a book publishing job. I handed that over to my dad, Sam whom wrote 7 reprinted books full time for three years. I published my first book under my own first name this year, Peter Sloan Teaches How to Draw Cartoons. I had an agreement with many artists over my ten years of academy of art training if I am to write a book on artwork to follow the tradition of many cartoon artists and publish my first book about how to draw the face. Most of my work is computer technical and books about games, but following with my agreement to write my very first book about cartoon portrait artwork. Enjoy listening. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Dave Wright. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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